WiFi Networking & Security


Planning for today’s wireless networks is much different than even just three years ago. Today, employees, students and customers use multiple devices for work and play. Wireless networks need the bandwidth and capacity to support today’s modern computing trends and ensures the most productive user experience possible.

Experience in Wi-Fi Network Design

Spindizzy is on the cutting edge of wireless network design and deployment. We offer unique expertise when planning for complicated environments, such as large homes, estates, small business, retail, and enterprise.

We can prioritize mission-critical applications like VoIP, multi-user streaming, video conferencing,  and throttling or blocking unwanted applications. We can configure and install high-density Wi-Fi networks that can accommodate mobile devices in high traffic areas while simultaneously reducing RF radiation as much as possible.

Security Considerations

With the ever-increasing numbers of personal and IoT wireless devices accessing your network, you need to ensure the highest level of security to prevent outside access to sensitive information. Using sophisticated new hardware, Spindizzy can scan and contain rogue wireless devices and networking equipment. We also can provide a robust monitoring infrastructure where we can assist you with security or performance related events.